About Us

Arnold Brown – Founder

Arnold Brown is the Founder of “Men Grooming Review” and is currently overseeing and directing growth of the company himself. Arnold brings more than 20 years of experience to the team with prior positions at some of the leading men care products companies.





Micheal Trey – SVP of Content

Micheal is SVP of Content. He is responsible for leading the editorial strategy and content operations across all departments. He oversees our Editor and writers to develop content that aim to provide in-depth information to our readers.





Coleman Owen – SVP Revenue and Media Strategy

As SVP of Revenue and Media Strategy, Coleman directs strategies and sales efforts for our organization. With more than 10 years of experience working in media and sales he is trying his best to make MGR leading website in Men’s grooming niche.





Allene Adam – Office Manager

Allene is working at our London based office as “Office Manager”. She is responsible for managing all the office related work and to make sure everything keeps running smoothly.





George Carter – Head of Content

George is working as “Head of Content” and is responsible for setting the content strategy, make sure that content operations are working smoothly across teams. He directly oversees a talented team of passionate Writers to develop trusted and unbiased content .





Chandler Maximus – Head Of Products

As our “Head of Products” Chandler is responsible for making sure all the latest products that launch gets reviewed, compared, ranked and if he come across a really cool product he is responsible to share it with other reviewers on the team.




      Our Team Of Content Writers

    Bridget Brian

   Simona Smith

   Richard Gray

   Mack Reyes

   Marvin Oneal

   Verna Barron

   Jennifer Lueck

   John Anderson

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