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(Last Updated On: September 5, 2020)
Best Beard Trimmers Review

Not all beards are the same, and each skin behaves in a different way, which is why knowing about the best beard trimmer on the market, is of the utmost importance. 

This will make you able to select the best one that suits your requirements.

Our team make comparison by evaluating which beard trimmer offer considerable power, always ready to face a dense or hard beard, as well as protect the sensitive skin of the user i.e. eliminate the problems of injury or irritation, which is annoying for many.

Beard Trimmers Comparison

ProductFeaturesCurrent Price
Philips MG7730/1516 Accessories, Waterproof, Offers comfortPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/30Weight only 440 g, OneBlade Pro technologyPRICE AT AMAZON
Braun BT 5030Has a comb, Precise cutPRICE AT AMAZON
Braun MGK3080Multifunctional, 9 styles, Weight 588 gPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips OneBlade QP2530/30Discreet size, Washable comb, OneBlade technologyPRICE AT AMAZON

1) Philips MG7730/15 - Excellent autonomy

Philips is one of the most recognized brands in the world of beard trimmers, which is why its model Philips MG7730/15 represents to be one of the most fundamental if you are looking for a tool for personal hygiene and care of your face.

This beard trimmer has a very high precision, allowing you to model, trim and clean your beard, generating a professional finish in no time. 

One of the most interesting features of this model are its multiple interchangeable heads, that give users a wide spectrum of selection when selecting their style.

It is one of the most versatile beard trimmers on the market, with 16 different ways of operating, along with DualCut technology, which allows you to access an autonomy of up to 120 minutes. 

If 2 hours are not enough for you to care for your beard, you may not find anything better on the market, as this Philips MG7730/15 is one of the most versatile and powerful products in the market for beard trimmers.  

Its price fits perfectly to the quality you are going to obtain, because you will have access to a simple tool, easy to use that will surely not disappoint you.  

Its 16 accessories allow you to exchange them for use on the face, hair and body. 

Thanks to the maximum precision technology offered by its double blades. you can reduce the time used for shaving and ensure a precise shave, without wasting time.

It does not require a cable to use, which offers better maneuverability and comfort.  

You can use this Philips MG7730/15 beard trimmer in the shower. it is waterproof and allows quick cleaning using only water.  

For its operation only requires a lithium battery which is included. Its dimensions are discrete, as it reaches a maximum length of up to 16 cm. All these features makes it one of the best beard trimmer for long beards among plenty of options available. 

2) Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/30 - Extended Durability

Performing the maintenance of your beard, will be much more pleasant and simple using the Philips OneBlade Pro QP6520/30, a model of beard trimmer, which allows you to profile and shave in record time, making use of OneBlade technology.

Its appearance and design are very nice, because they will allow you to make a quick cleaning using only tap water. 

Its size makes it easy to use, while its weight is only 440 g. It uses rechargeable lithium ion batteries, which are included in the product.

The Philips OneBlade Pro beard trimmer is listed as one of the most relevant electric trimmers on the market, because its OneBlade Pro technology, only integrates a fast cutting blade. 

Its head can make 200 movements per second, which guarantees a fast, simple and clean cut, making you forget the painful cuts with conventional blades. 

The duration of one of the blades can reach a maximum of four months, which makes this electric beard trimmer a perfect choice.  

Although it may look small at first glance like few of the best electric razor for men we reviewed , the OneBlade Pro beard trimmer is not intimidated by any length of hair, as it can shave considerably long beards until it is used in two-day shaving.

3) Braun BT 5030 - Rugged and Elegant

Now you can make cuts and give the ideal style to your beard using the Braun BT 5030, a beard trimmer that allows you to make precise adjustments manually, pleasant to the touch and very comfortable. 

It has a comb with different settings, which can be adjusted with intervals of 0.5 millimeters.

Its blades are really sharp, stainless steel and long-lasting, which will allow you to get a precise cut, fast and clean. 

Its range of adjustments offers you 20 length selection possibilities, designed for different users, who can give multiple styles to their beard, coming out of the monotonous and conventional schemes.

Its battery is of high power and offers a performance that guarantees an autonomy of up to 50 minutes of continuous use. 

You can use the Braun BT 5030 beard shaver wet or dry, as it can be cleaned using only water. 

The design of this beard trimmer is anatomical, with a precise and firm grip, which will make your shaving experience completely different from what you have experienced before. 

You can cut hair of any length, thanks to its precision comb, that allows you to set steps of 0.5 mm in each measure.

You can cut a beard completely or leave it up to 10 mm long, generating a professional finish through a quick and pleasant process. 

The life of the blades is guaranteed, which generate long and thick hair cuts without pulling just like models mentioned in our nose hair trimmer reviews.

All these features makes it one of the best mens beard trimmer among other options that our team reviewed and tested.

4) Braun MGK3080 - Diversity of Styles

Braun is a brand recognized for its power and quality in their electric shaver line. The model Braun MGK3080, has a multifunction shaving set, which allows you to select between different heads that will give you a professional finish in no time.

If you are tired of investing more time than necessary and the finish obtained is not desired, this model of beard trimmer developed by Braun, has high-end technology, which allows you to give style to your beard and hair, with 9 functions in 1 and a built-in Gillette Fusion Proglide razor.

Its design is attractive to the eye, combining black and blue to make it look masculine and elegant. 

Its nine styles of precision, allow you to exchange the heads, trimming beard for up to three days, with different measures to achieve absolute body hair removal.

Among their tools you will also find some heads intended for cutting nose hair and ears. The Braun MGK3080 beard trimmer is an integral tool designed for the most demanding users.

Your imagination will be the only one that can set limits when using this machine, as you will get different styles of beard, thanks to the 13 length adjustments, which will allow you to select between 0.5 to 21 mm. 

The trimmer for the most precise details has been incorporated for those who give extreme attention to the least.

The Braun MGK3080, has sharp blades and a high performance operation that allows a continuous use of up to 60 minutes. Performance will never drop during this time, which makes this Braun trimmer a very powerful one.

It is resistant to water, which will allow you to use it in the shower and perform its cleaning quickly using water as the only element. Its weight is 588 g, making it easy to use and operate.

It is resistant, hypoallergenic and has 8 different accessories that will give you the chance to get a unique and personalized style.  

The integration of the Gillette Fusion Proglide, has Flex Ball technology, which complements this machine, generating incredible finishes for a cost completely adjusted to what it offers.

All features mentioned above makes it included in our list of best beard trimmers.

5) Philips OneBlade QP2530/30 - Fitting to your face

The Philips OneBlade QP2530/30, an electric trimmer, is one of the tools a man's personal care set shouldn’t be without. 

It's an electric trimmer that will allow you to create personalized and unique styles in a clean, safe and reliable way.

It has a very discreet size, which makes it look attractive, with colors that combine black, silver and yellow. 

It is a machine designed for the most meticulous men, as it allows profiling and shaving any length of hair. 

It can be used dry or wet, adding an incredible versatility to this Philips OneBlade beard trimmer, which can be used in the shower, allowing immediate cleaning after use.

Its comb is washable and allows to trim the beard between a range of 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 5 mm. 

To get the maximum charge of this Philips, you must keep it connected for about 4 hours, allowing you to achieve an autonomy of up to 60 minutes of continuous use. 

One of the advantages that you find in this Philips OneBlade, is that it has an additional spare blade, which will be very useful after a few months of use for the one that comes installed.

It's one of the lightest beard trimmer you'll find on the market, weighing only 68g. 

For its operation requires a lithium ion battery, which is incorporated. It is a very useful trimmer for those who require a quick, clean and dry shave, as it is manufactured to shave any type of hair.

As designated by OneBlade technology, this trimmer can perform up to 200 movements per second, which integrates a dual protection system, eliminating the annoying pulls of facial hair.  

It is one of the best rated beard trimmer made of hypoallergenic materials, which do not affect your skin even in the most sensitive areas. It has two spare blades, and each of these can last up to eight months. 

Which Beard Trimmer to Use?

Taking care of the male facial skin is much more important to many, so access to a beard trimmer that provides precision and uniformity is synonymous with satisfaction. 

Each face has different lines and structure, as well as the type of hair varies in each user, so the size of the razor and its power are decisive.

Power is the Most Important Thing

You may need a quick, clean shave in a short time, that depends entirely on the power of the blades. The engine built into your beard trimmer could make the difference between an instant cut or having to invest some time in several passes. The power can also vary depending on the model and the revolutions per minute of your engine. 


Portability is a feature associated with the amount of time you can use your beard trimmer without depending on a cable or connecting it to the power supply. The longer you can keep your trimmer on, the better the quality of its battery. 

Adjustable Power

Some models of beard trimmers give you the ability to regulate different speeds. This feature allows you to access a more precise and immediate cut in the difficult areas of your face where facial hair is more resistant and requires more power in the movement of their blades. 

Choose the Blade According to the Type of Beard

The world of beard trimmers is divided into two categories: blades and rotary shavers.  Each face may react differently to the characteristics of each type of machine, so we recommend you take into account the following data to buy the right beard trimmer. 

Hair that Grows Attached to the Skin

We recommend the use of razors blade, thanks to the design of its multiple aligned blades that successively cut the hair of the skin, no matter how small they are, leaving a smooth and clean appearance.

Hairs that Grow in Different Directions

When there is no uniformity in the direction of the hairs on your beard, you can make use of a rotating beard shaver, as the hairs are introduced into the holes and are instantly trimmed by the blades.

Long Hairs

When the beard is dense and long, it is advisable to trim before shaving, so a blade trimmer is much more effective in this case.

Short Hairs

If your beard has a standard size, you can use any type of machine. The rotary presses are usually effective to trim facial hair as much as possible, avoiding irritation.

Maintenance is Essential

The lifespan of your beard trimmer depends on how well you maintain your device. The lubrication of the blades and their grip can significantly extend the optimum performance of the machine. 

Many models can only be cleaned with water, so you need to take special care in the regular cleaning and maintenance of your beard trimmer.

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