Best Cordless Shavers

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2020)
Best Cordless Shaver

The autonomy and freedom to move untethered is one of the features that makes shavers a very useful device. Although many of them operate on disposable batteries, some models such as the cordless shavers provide you with the ability to recharge them.

If you’re not sure about which model to buy, here are some of the best wireless shavers on the market, which stand out for their versatility and power, giving you the best shave in the shortest possible time, if the annoying cables tend to get in the way during your shave.

Comparison of Best Cordless Shavers

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
Braun Series 9 9296ccAlcohol-Based Washing, Titanium-Coated Blades, 10,000 Vibrations Per MinutePRICE AT AMAZON
Braun Series 9 9290cc50 Minutes Wireless Use, Intelligent Cleaning, 40,000 Revolutions Per MinutePRICE AT AMAZON
Braun Series 5 5197cc50 Minutes Wireless Use, Non-Slip Handle, LED PanelPRICE AT AMAZON
Braun Series 7 7898cc50 Minutes Wireless Use, Water Resistant, Stainless Steel Blades, PRICE AT AMAZON
Remington XF870560 Minutes Wireless Use, Stainless Steel Blades, Weighs 399 gPRICE AT AMAZON

1) Braun Series 9 9296cc – Extended Performance

The Braun Series 9 9296cc shaver is an excellent tool for those who seek a professional shave and require long durability in their shaver.

It includes an intelligent alcohol-based washing station, which will keep the blades always in good condition and ready to make the perfect cut of your beard.

It has a chrome finish that makes it look masculine and powerful, while its titanium-coated blades will give you a cordless electric shave that will last for years.

The Braun Series 9 9296cc shaver incorporates the Syncro Sonic system, which allows you to perform up to 10,000 vibrations per minute, trapping each of the hairs you want to remove from your face.


Just like some of the best electric shavers, an intelligent engine has been incorporated that multiplies the efficiency of this cordless shaver, which offers a cutting-edge technology with LED display and indicator of battery levels. 

It has a travel case, power cable, a built-in cartridge for the cleaning station and a cleaning brush for the blades.

2) Braun Series 9 9290cc – Prestigious for its Precision

The Braun Series 9 9290cc is a Wireless Electric Razor that works with blades, optimal for any man looking to perform a professional shave on his face, eliminating annoying irritations and leaving a smooth, clean finish.

The Braun Series 9 9290cc shaver is rechargeable and works wirelessly, eliminating forever the annoying cable that usually clogs in most cases. Although its battery provides an autonomy of up to 50 minutes of continuous use, you can use the additional cable in case you do not have enough time to finish your shave.

It includes an intelligent cleaning station, where you only have to introduce your Braun Series 9 9290cc razor to load, clean and dry automatically, leaving IT ready to use after completing the procedure.

Its flexible head can make cuts in up to 10 directions, quickly catching all the unruly hairs that are so difficult to remove during a quick shave.


Shaving efficiency of this mens cordless shaver allows you to perform 40,000 revolutions per minute, making this cordless razor a powerful tool to add to your personal care kit. The technology used to develop this wireless razor allows you to use it dry or wet, so you don’t have to worry about irritated skin anymore.

3) Braun Series 5 5197cc – Automatic Cleaning

Although Braun’s series of razors are more advanced and are mostly recommended as the best electric razors, the classics definitely never go out of style. The Braun Series 5 5197cc is a cordless electric razor that has earned the respect and recognition of users thanks to its shaving quality and Skin Comfort technology.

It cuts evenly after each pass, thanks to its movable head, which allows its blades to oscillate individually, trapping each of the hairs in the most difficult areas. It has a lithium ion battery that offers up to 50 minutes of autonomy without the need to use the annoying cables.

Its ergonomic, non-slip handle allows you to use it in the shower without worrying about its slippery surface. Underneath its power button is an LED panel that indicates the battery levels of your Braun Cordless Shaver.


Its engine with automatic detection, allows faster shaving, as it is designed to catch each hair instantly. The Braun Series 5 5197cc kit includes a carrying case, intelligent cleaning gestation, cleaning brush, power cord and cleaning cartridge.

4) Braun Series 7 7898cc – Perfect Fit

The fusion of power and precision is materialized in a wireless blade shaver developed by Braun. This is the Braun Series 7 7898cc, which allows you to make an instant shave when dry or use it in the shower.

It has a built-in precision machine, which will allow you to make instant cuts in the most delicate areas. It can be easily recharged in its cleaning unit, which will allow you to keep the stainless steel blades in perfect condition and always ready for use. 

In case you don’t have enough time to complete your shave, you can easily connect the power cord and continue to use your Braun Series 7 7898cc. It easily adapts to the contours thanks to its flexible head, while its 4 cutting elements protect the skin from injury and reduce the chances of irritation.


It is waterproof and can be submerged to a depth of 5m, making it an all-terrain wireless razor ready to face the most difficult situations and cut the most rebellious hairs on your face and body. 

It can be used up to 50 minutes without the use of the cable, also making it one of the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

5) Remington XF8705 – Instant Soft Cut

Remington has always been known for its cutting power and shaving quality, so Remington XF8705 with hybrid trimming head allows you to remove facial hair instantly.

It effectively reduces shaving time, giving you up to 60 minutes of wireless use. A built-in LED display indicates the battery minutes remaining in the device, making this a very new feature.

Its blades are made of stainless steel and trap the most difficult hairs, being an easy to clean device that includes an extendable sideburns. 

It weighs 399 g and requires a built-in lithium battery for operation.


It doesn’t require a lot of time to charge, just plug it in for 90 minutes and it’s ready to be used and give you the best shave. 

It has a travel lock device, making it an ideal travel shaver. Being the best tool for daily shaving thanks to its Lift Logic blade, which easily captures the hairs without the annoying pulls or unnecessary irritation.

Best Selling Wireless Shavers

It is important to take into account the use time this cordless electric razor can offer. Making use of them without having to be connected to a power cable can generate a much more enjoyable user experience. 

Many lovers of cordless electric razors seek freedom by using this device without the cable for at least 60 minutes, which is the average time offered by these devices.

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