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Best Head Shavers Review

Making a clean, long-lasting cut is one of the main properties that shaver users are looking for. Our team of experts have hand picked some of the best ones available for you to choose from.

Our team has included some of the most relevant brands and the most recognized models into this list.

We have taken into account the prestige of the brands, the response and performance of the models and the reliability and durability they offer. 

Accessing any of these models of head shavers will guarantee you a rewarding experience.

Best Head Shavers Review

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
Skull Shaver Pitbull PlatinumDurable, Attractive, Sleek and PowerfulPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips QC5580/32Durable, Ergonomically designed, Shave in 14 PositionsPRICE AT AMAZON
Surker RSCW-9588Sleek and Attractive Design, 3D Floating HeadPRICE AT AMAZON
Hatteker ST-598Interchangeable Heads (12 Types), Robust and ResistantPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips AT620/143 in 1, V-Shaped Blades, LED LightPRICE AT AMAZON

1) Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum – Compact and Innovative

With just a glance at the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum head shaver, you can be sure you’ll find the results you expect once you turn it on and run it through your skin. 

It’s an attractive, sleek and powerful machine that combines multiple functions in one despite its compact size.

With five rotating pivoting blades and being water resistant, you can use the Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum while taking a shower and clean the heads easily without much effort.

It is one of the most versatile shavers of this brand, as its design allows it to adapt to any part of your body that requires shaving, being an electric machine with 5 blades that will allow you to shave your beard, your head or cut the nose and ear hairs.  

It only needs to be charged for 90 minutes to get the maximum potential. It integrates a built-in vacuum system and a cleaning kit that will allow you to keep it impeccable.

This specific model combines a compact design for optimal grip with high performance built-in lithium ion battery. The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum head shaver is made of high technology resistant materials, ensuring a clean, safe and pleasant to the touch shave.


The set includes the shaver, the Rinse Stand shaver cleaning station for easy maintenance, as well as a travel case for safe transportation. 

The Skull Shaver Pitbull Platinum is an excellent purchase, as it offers all the functions of the best head shaver machines available on the market in one.

2) Philips QC5580/32 – Instant Effectiveness

Philips offers a powerful, stylish and durable head shaver with a feature of interchangeable heads that will save you a lot of money thanks to its multiple functionality.

Ergonomically designed and robust, Philips QC5580/32 allows you to access the most difficult and sensitive areas of your body, making it an ideal tool for your personal hygiene. 

Thanks to the interchangeable heads, you can cut nose and ear hair, shave your beard and head from 14 positions in length.

If you’re looking only for an electric nose hair trimmer, our team have tested and reviewed almost all the great options available in the market.

To charge the batteries of this impressive bald head shaver, just plug it in for 60 minutes continuously, which will maximize the charge levels to give you absolute autonomy for at least 1 hour of use. 

On the front of the Philips QC5580/32 you will see an illuminator light that shows the status of the internal battery, that indicates what the status of the same depending on the use you give this device.

One of the advantages offered by this machine is that you can connect it to the power in case the battery fails, which will return you to your shaving session immediately. 

Its blades are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel and will allow you to have a firm and solid grip thanks to its size ideal for sturdy hands.


The Philips QC5580/32 has a built-in lithium battery, with two combs provide positions of length from 1 mm to 15 mm, with an accuracy of 2 mm between each position.

It can also be used underwater, easily cleaned and transported wherever you want with its compact travel bag.

All these features makes it one of the best electric shaver for head and definitely offer value for the money.

3) Surker RSCW-9588 – Catching Elegance

It is important that an electric razor has multiple functions that provide a variety of options when performing our shave just like the best men’s electric razor we reviewed. 

That is why, when choosing the best head shaver, the Surker RSCW-9588 emerges as one of the most reliable options.

Not only does it offer a sleek and attractive design, but it is also resistant to the most extreme conditions. 

It features an interchangeable 3D floating head, allowing you to use it on your head, beard and nose and ear hairs.

Its performance allows you to get a use for 60 minutes continuous, needing only 90 minutes of charge to get the maximum performance. 

You can use it underwater or perform a clean dry shave, with USB charging and an LCD screen that makes it look cutting-edge in innovative.

It easily adjusts to the contours of the face, while its 3 independent floating plate units can easily tilt into a difficult curve in your face. 

You can say goodbye to irritation and pressure as it’s designed to give you a clean, visually pleasing and professional shave.


The Surker RSCW-9588 includes a cable that allows you to connect it to the direct current and continue performing your shave to get the best result in the time you have.

It is one of the most attractive and technological models of the Surker brand, as it is designed for resistant and rebellious head hair making it one of the best electric head shaver.

4) Hatteker ST-598 – Multiple Functionality

Having 3 machines in 1, you will surely be captivated by this Hatteker ST-589 machine, which allows you to install more than 12 types of interchangeable heads, integrating the possibility of being used wirelessly with very little recharging time.

Whether for personal use or a gift for any gentleman, the Hatteker ST-598 head shaver is an excellent addition to your personal use kit, as it is a powerful 3 in 1 machine, which can generate a clean shave on your beard, shave your head or cut the hairs from your nose and ears. 

You can use it dry and perform a clean and perfect shave, or you can also make use of this magnificent shaver in the water, allowing you to enter the shower for better performance and immediate cleaning. 

To accumulate its absolute charge, only requires 1.5 hours connected to the charger, allowing you to use it for 60 minutes autonomously. 

Because it is robust and resistant, it does not require extreme care, since you only need clean water to keep this Hatteker ST-598 head shaving machine perfectly operational.


It is part of the range of premium shavers, which will leave a soft texture on your face, integrating an LED display that indicates the battery level in which it is. 

It operates on a lithium ion battery, while its connection to the adapter, will allow you to get a longer performance and get a shave with a better finish.

5) Philips AT620/14 – Ergonomically Perfect

Philips is a benchmark brand in the world of men’s rotary electric shaver. This particular model offers you a 3 in 1 function, with interchangeable heads that will allow you to cut up to 20% more hair in a single pass with its advanced system and the V-shaped blades.

This head shaver is waterproof and can be used both dry and underwater. It offers a wireless autonomy so it does not charge to the mains. 

This electric shaver is ideal for shaving beards, trimming nose and ear hairs, as well as shaving the head.

It requires 90 minutes of connection to the power supply in order to generate 45 minutes of continuous use. 

On the front of this razor, you can see a small LED light, which indicates which are the optimal levels of charge. In order to give it energy again, you have to leave it charging.

As an added bonus, this razor model has no problem being used with or without gel and foam.

It is worth noting that this model combines an elegant navy blue with high quality black finishes.


Its blades are hypoallergenic, so you won’t have to worry about allergies or skin irritation.

It adapts easily to the contours of the face, making it an ideal tool for those looking for a perfect and pleasant shave, especially on the chin and sideburns.

Best Selling Head Shavers Buying Guide

Many factors are involved in selecting the best head shaver. Comfort, precision, price and quality are some of the most important elements to consider. 

It is important to make a satisfactory investment and get the expected results, so our analysis can be very useful when making your purchase.

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