Best Multi Purpose Shaver

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2020)
Best Multi Purpose Shaver

A good way to invest money when purchasing a shaver is buying the multifunction shaver, as they offer more of a built-in features, giving you greater versatility and a wide range of options to choose for the finish of your shave.

The best multifunction shavers on the market have been carefully studied by our team of experts to present a summary of which are the most appropriate options for you among plenty of options available.

Best Multifunction Shavers Comparison

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
BaByliss T839EStainless steel blades, allows easy grip and simple handling, interchangeable heads, weight 422 gPRICE ON AMAZON
Braun MGK3080Blades made of resistant materials, 9 modes of operation, 13 length settings, lithium ion batteryPRICE ON AMAZON
Braun MGK3040Guarantees quick retouch, Instant, precise and perfect cut, weight 318 gPRICE ON AMAZON
Hatteker 5 in 15 in 1 rechargeable, titanium-coated blades, LED display, washable blades, micro USB technologyPRICE ON AMAZON
Rechargeable Surker 3DLED display, can be used both underwater and dry, slip-resistant bodyPRICE ON AMAZON

1. BaByliss T839E Multifunction Electric Shaving Set - Versatility and Control

Offering high quality interchangeable heads, we present the BaByliss Multifunction Electric Shaver T839E Cutting Kit, which allows you to generate an exceptional shave for your beard, body, nose and ears.

It is made with resistant materials, that will provide you a tool of long duration and with a professional performance supported by the company BaByliss. The blades are made of stainless steel, each of these elements being absolutely washable, as they are water resistant.

The ergonomics offered by the BaByliss Shaver Kit T839E cut, allows easy grip and simple handling, including interchangeable heads that will make a uniform cut of unwanted hair. It has a blade of up to 30 mm for hair, with a guide comb that can be adjusted between 3 mm and 15 mm.


It offers continuous use of up to 35 minutes, requiring a charging time of up to 8 hours. Its weight is 422 g, and does not require the use of the cable for its operation, although if you require it, you can connect it and continue using your multifunction electric shaver, which will remove unpleasant hair from your whole body.

2. Braun MGK3080 - Precise Sensitivity

Braun presents a shaving set that will give you the comfort within reach of changing a head. Its different measures will allow you to shave your beard, body, nose and ears in an instantaneous way, eliminating definitively the hair of your body for more time than the competing brands can offer.

The blades of the Braun MGK3080 are made of resistant materials, with an exceptional edge that will remove hair in a single pass. All you have to do is swap heads and you’ll have access to different cutting modes, which are designed to avoid pulling.

You can achieve different cutting styles with its 9 modes of operation, which allows you to cut long and medium beard.

You can also achieve absolute body depilation with this Multi function Shaver thanks to the Gillette razor incorporated in the Braun MGK3080 set. You can select from 13 length settings, ranging from 0.5 millimeters to 21 mm.

It includes a trimmer for small details that will undoubtedly leave you very effective results. The blades are designed with the best technology backed by Braun, who have incorporated an autonomy that gives you a use of up to 60 minutes of cutting, without compromising performance.


It’s waterproof, so you can use the multi-function razor while you shower and clean it quickly using only water.

Weighing 558g, it uses a lithium ion battery built into the package. It includes a carrying case, as well as a brush to clean the blades.

3. Braun MGK3040 - High Power Motor

Having a multi-function shaver like the Braun MGK3040, guarantees quick retouches to your beard, profiling and absolute hair removal if that’s what you’re looking for.

The technology used by Braun in the elaboration of its blades, offers an instant, precise and perfect cut.

Thanks to its different heads, the Braun MGK3040 7 in 1, will allow you to perform a shave on both your face and your body, as it includes a Gillette razor, which will help you completely remove hair from your body. The set is very complete, including seven different elements to make clean and professional cuts.

Body hair removal will no longer be synonymous with effort, since, with this multi purpose razor, you will be able to make effective use of its blades to remove any hair from any area of your body.

The multifunction razor  provides 60 minutes of use without the need for a cable. Because it is completely resistant to water, it will be easy to clean, as it only requires running water for your blades to clean quickly.

Its weight is 318 g, and for its operation requires a lithium ion battery, which is included.


If you are looking for a professional set for your beard and body, the Braun MGK3040 multi purpose model will allow you to develop precise cuts of high power.

Construction is solid and with high quality materials, hypoallergenic and easy to clean. Requires 8 hours of charging for 60 minutes of operation, comes with indicators to monitor battery levels.

4. Hatteker 5 in 1 Rechargeable - Comfort in your Hand

By simply changing the heads of the Hatteker 5 multifunction razor into a rechargeable 1, you’ll have a universe of options to choose from, giving you a perfect finish and a flawless cut.

It’s a shave set exclusively for men, which allows you to trim your body hair and shave your beard quickly.

The Hatteker 5 in 1 rechargeable features titanium-coated blades professional range, with levels of adjustment in engine power to generate precise cuts and adjusted to your needs.

It features a digital LED display, which clearly informs you about your battery life.

It can be used underwater, as it only requires this fluid to wash their blades and can be easily reused. It incorporates a carrying case, head for cutting nose and ear hair, comes with a precise cutting head and few combs of different sizes to make cuts of excessive hair.

Thanks to its autonomy, it does not need to be used with the cable, providing up to 1 hour of continuous use, needing only 1.5 hours of charge to operate at maximum power, along with a travel lock with a security unlocking system.

Its power cord is designed with micro USB technology, which is made with durable materials that will promote a long life of use for this device.


Silent at the time of use and with a system of adaptable blades and heads, this excellent multifunction shaver developed by Hatteker does its job. You can trust your shave with rewarding results.

Thanks to its angular blade, the accuracy is much higher, as it moves with the auto sharpening system, which will prevent these blockages during the cutting process.

5. Rechargeable Surker 3D - High Performance Heads

Surker that has always been a reference when it comes to multifunctional razors. Particularly its rechargeable Surker 3D model, has an LED display, floating heads, rotating heads and head for trimming nose and ear hair.

It can be used underwater and dry, allowing it to adapt easily to the contours of the face. Its independent plate can be tilted to adapt to each curve, eliminating irritation and leaving a smooth finish on your skin.

Includes USB cable connection, which offers greater stability of performance to the battery. Its construction is high-end, with a slip-resistant body that effectively resists the onslaught of water.


It includes a cutting comb that allows you to make precise and clean cuts depending on the size you want. It incorporates a protective cover and a travel case, as well as a cleaning brush to keep the life of the blades as long as possible. 

Requires a lithium ion battery, requiring 90 minutes of rapid charge to provide an autonomy of 60 minutes.

Multifunction Shavers Buying Guide

Multifunction shavers integrate features that provides you the performance of multiple machines in a single device. These innovative devices allow you to trim, profile, depilate and remove hair from the nose and ears by simply exchanging their heads.

They are a great device for every man, because their use greatly simplifies the task of performing the shave, eliminating forever the annoying irritations and avoid having to have an arsenal of devices for your personal care, summarizing everything in one.

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