Best Nose Hair Trimmer

(Last Updated On: September 5, 2020)
Best Nose Hair Trimmer

Cutting nose and ear hairs can be an exhausting task for those who don’t have the right trimmer. 

Getting the best nose hair trimmer can depend on different features, such as the power of the blades, the ergonomic design and the durability of the battery.

Taking into account some of these features, our team of experts have hand picked some of the best nose shavers on the market, through an exhaustive analysis where you can evaluate which is the best option for you, depending on its construction, strength and other features.

Nose Hair Trimmer Reviews

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
Panasonic ER-430Waterproof Technology, Light Weight, DurablePRICE AT AMAZON
Schön 3 in 13 in 1 Hair Trimmer, Rechargeable, Stainless Steel BladesPRICE AT AMAZON
Remington NE3850Active BladeClean System, Made From Antimicrobial Materials, WaterproofPRICE AT AMAZON
Paiter Battery Nose TrimmerGreat Design, Rotating Head, 2 in 1 TrimmerPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips NT5180/15Waterproof, Include 2 Trimming Combs, Weight 272 gPRICE AT AMAZON

1) Panasonic ER-430 – A Pleasant Experience

Personal care is essential for every man, so having a nose hair trimmer like the Panasonic ER-430 will make the procedure incredibly easy. Made from durable, long-lasting materials, you’ll have access to this gorgeous nose trimmer at an exceptional price.

Its blades are made of stainless steel, making a precise and clean cut without the annoying hair pulls that are so painful. 

Its sharp blades allow access to small areas in which hair grows and are difficult to remove, incorporating a vacuum system that automatically absorbs the hair that gets cut.

Due to its waterproof technology, you can make use of the Panasonic ER-430 underwater, as it resists the most difficult conditions.

You can use it in the shower and automatically clean it to be used again instantly. It is a very light object that you can take anywhere to complement your personal hygiene tools, as it only weighs 227 g. 

The length of the Panasonic ER-430 is 15.4 cm, and uses a pair of AA batteries for its operation.

This washable nose hair trimmer is an incredible tool, because by vacuuming the cut hairs, you will have a hygienic environment without having hairs scattered all over the place.


It offers an emptying function, a cutting head and a continuous operating time of up to 90 minutes. Its rotation motor has power of 120 G, making cut of 3000 hairs per second.

2) Schön 3 in 1 Rechargeable – Farewell to Batteries

If you’re looking for an elegant, efficient and easy to move electric nose hair trimmer, the Schön 3 in 1 hair trimmer is a purchase you won’t regret. It is rechargeable, which will give a long life to this device.

Forget about constantly changing the batteries of this nose trimmer, as it has a power cable that you can connect anywhere.

Its rotating blades are designed to make an instant cut of the nose and ears hair, generating low noise and a clean environment, because it absorbs facial hair to prevent it from remaining inside the nose or ears.

The blades are made of stainless steel, guaranteeing maximum durability, complemented with a solid and resistant handle and a protective cover to keep your hair trimmer constantly protected. 

Due to its brushed steel finish, it gives users the possibility to clean it quickly.


It has a maximum length of 16 cm, while its weight makes it very easy to handle, as it only weighs 35 g. It has a 3 in 1 adjustment condenser, that allows you to make a defined cut of the sideburns, nose and ears.

3) Remington NE3850 – Smooth and Quiet Cutting

Remington is a recognized brand in the world of best electric shavers and nose trimmers, So, the Remington NE3850, which has an active BladeClean system will give you the best experience while you trim your nose and ear hair.

Its construction is made of mostly light and resistant materials similar to most electric razor for men, combining plastic and stainless steel to provide the best cutting quality and ergonomic handling in the hand. 

The body of this nose hair shaver is made of antimicrobial materials, while the blade features Nano Silver technology.

A double vertical trimmer has been installed, which greatly enhances the effectiveness of this Remington NE3850 nose trimmer with vertical eyebrow guide combs. 

This model is waterproof, with a rotating head that you can easily clean by placing it under the tap.


The Remington NE3850 belongs to the Nano Series range of this brand, special for making cuts in sensitive areas such as the nose and ears, providing a comfortable and safe experience. 

It weighs just 150 g and requires an AA battery for operation, which is included.

4) Paiter battery nose trimmer – Absolutely Elegant

Removing hair that grows out of control in unwanted areas is much easier with a precise and powerful tool like the best body groomer for private parts and Paiter nose trimmer.

It is a battery-powered nose trimmer, which offers a very pleasing design to the eye and with ergonomic and resistant materials.

It has a rotating head made of stainless steel with sharp blades that makes a painless cut. It is ideal for cutting nose and ear hair without experiencing unpleasant milestones in these sensitive areas.

The Paiter nose trimmer includes a trimmer for the eyebrows and beard, which will simplify the task thanks to its powerful blades, that you can easily wash using water. 

It is the ideal tool for every man, as it is a 2 in 1 trimmer with excellent autonomy.


The Paiter nose trimmer comes with an AA battery included, which will allow you to use it for 90 minutes. 

You no longer need the annoying charging cable, so the Paiter will give you the guarantee of a phenomenal result.

5) Philips NT5180/15 – Precision Technology

Philips quality is demonstrated through this Philips NT5180/15 nose and ear trimmer, which comes in attractive colors that will make you love this device from the first second. 

It’s completely waterproof, so you can wash it using fresh water for instant re-use.

It features a unique head that will remind you of the annoying hairs that grow in the nose area without the painful pulling or scratching of the skin. 

Additionally, 2 trimming combs are included, which will be used to trim eyebrows and beard hair. Cutting Quality would be same that you would get with a mens beard trimmer.

Its blades are made of stainless steel, which ensures the durability and precision of the cut this Philips NT5180/15 shaver is special specially known for. It is a relatively lightweight device, weighing only 272 g.

Its length is discreet, allowing you to store it anywhere. For its operation only requires an AA battery, which guarantees an excellent autonomy, with ProtecTube technology, which protects the user with rounded tips to avoid skin irritation.


Its head has an ideal angle, generating an exact and long-lasting cut. It incorporates a travel case and manicure set, ideal for those who want to increase personal care with a single tool.

Nose Hair Trimmers Buying Guide

Nose hair trimming can be very painful in the conventional way. This is why we recommend the use of an electric nose trimmer rather than a manual nose hair trimmer to simplify the process. 

The use of blades and absorption technology just like one used in electric head shaver, is the ideal option to eliminate unpleasant hairs that tend to grow in these places so complicated to reach.

For this reason, our team of experts hand picked some of the best nose hair trimmer for men to help you make the right decision according to your requirements, needs and budget.

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