Best Panasonic Shaver

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Best Panasonic Shaver

Panasonic is a brand that has strengthened the market for electric razors thanks to its wide range of models and cutting-edge technology used to develop safe, reliable and powerful devices.

The best Panasonic shavers on the market are designed for all types of beards and the most demanding tastes, and leaning towards blade technology in their heads.

This has given them the opportunity to win a large number of loyal users who get good performance at an affordable price. We make a brief analysis of the best Panasonic electric shavers, which will give you the opportunity to know what are the features that stand out in these high quality shavers, their functions and advantages.

Panasonic Shavers Comparison

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
Panasonic ES-LV6N-S8035 blades, 14,000 cuts per minute, waterproof, 3D Multi Flex technologyPRICE ON AMAZON
Panasonic ES-RF41powerful, high-performance, waterproof, PRICE ON AMAZON
Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803high cutting system, stainless steel blades, non-slip grip, LED display indicates battery levelPRICE ON AMAZON
Panasonic ES-RF31-S503LED front panel, waterproof and washable, fast and smooth cutPRICE ON AMAZON
Panasonic ES-RT37-S503Wireless triple blade razor, perform wet and dry shaving, LED indicatorPRICE ON AMAZON

Panasonic Shaver Reviews

1) Panasonic ES-LV6N-S803 - 5 Blades Prepared for the Extreme

The wireless electric razor Panasonic ES-LV6N-S803 is a device that has 5 blades that act independently to make a clean and smooth cut on the skin.

It operates on a lithium ion battery and its high power motor generates 14,000 cuts per minute. Its design combines silver with yellow, with black areas with non-slip materials that are combined with a state-of-the-art acrylic screen.

The look of the Panasonic ES-LV6N-S803 razor is incredibly appealing, with a front panel indicating battery levels, locking system, wet or dry mode and cutting power.

Its speed makes this Panasonic ES-LV6N-S803 razor an excellent choice for those looking for power and control at all times. You can use shaving foam or gel, as its head is completely waterproof.

Its head belongs to the 3D Multi Flex technology, generating a good hurry and adapting easily to the curves of the skin thanks to its simple adaptation. Its head is pivoting, so it will adapt easily to the neck and chin area without hurting the skin.


The Panasonic ES-LV6N-S803 offers 45 minutes of continuous use, charging its entire battery in 1 hour. It has a quick charge system in 5 minutes, which will give you the chance to perform a last-minute shave.

It includes a protective travel case and a locking system so that it is not activated when you have it in your luggage.

2) Panasonic ES-RF41 - Continuous Power and Control

The Panasonic ES-RF41 Electric Shaver is an attractive, powerful, high-performance device with four independent cutting elements that easily attach to the curves of your face.

It is washable and allows wet shaving, which will increase the quality of your shave by being able to place foam or gel on the skin. This Panasonic ES-RF41 electric razor is rechargeable, which provides excellent and continuous power during shaving to generate good maneuverability and good control during the passes.

Its head is an excellent demonstration of dynamics and mobility, as its blades move in different directions and its swivel head allows easy adaptation during shaving.

The Panasonic ES-RF41 comes in a silver color combined with black, looking impeccable and robust, optimal for the most demanding man. This device to date is one of the most recognized of the mark, with four leaves designed each one to eliminate all types of hair.

As this best panasonic mens shaver is waterproof, you can use it in your shower, being easy to wash, and perform its maintenance. 

It has an internal blade sharpened with 30° of inclination, generating a nanometric precision during the cut.


The Panasonic ES-RF41 electric razor is the ideal choice for a professional finish at a spectacular price. It provides continuous 65 minutes of wireless use. 

Providing the possibility of charging in 5 minutes thanks to a fast charging system. Its lithium ion battery offers excellent performance and its motor can make up to 10,000 cuts per minute.

3) Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803 - Cutting and Precision Tradition

The Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803 shaver is everything any man could want to have in his hand when maintaining his beard. It makes an exceptional cut and thanks to its high cutting system, it does not catch the skin or pity during the passes.

Forget the irritation when shaving with this excellent wireless Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803, because the blades are made of stainless steel and have rounded tips that do not hurt the skin.

Its presentation is masculine and robust, with a silver color that combines a non-slip grip with an LED display indicating battery levels and locking system. Its independent movement in the blades allows a quick adaptation to the contours of the skin.

Its head is mobile, allowing a quick adaptation to difficult curves such as in the neck area. The Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803 includes a foldable precision trimmer on the handle, allowing you to define the contours of your beard and trim sideburns and moustache.

This device has four blades, combining them with an ultra-sensitive pivoting head. It is robust and metal has been used to create its chassis, which makes it a high performance tool, optimal for the most extreme cuts.


The Panasonic ES-LT4N-S803 is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about wires during shaving.

It charges in one hour and offers 45 minutes of continuous use. Its quick charge system will allow you to access a last minute frit by connecting it to its power cable for five minutes. Its detection system eliminates the most rebellious hairs in a very short time.

4) Panasonic ES-RF31-S503 - High Performance Shaver

The Panasonic ES-RF31-S503 is one of the most emblematic models of Panasonic electric shavers. It has four independent blades that move individually to make the best shave with a comfortable and pleasant feeling after each pass.

The Panasonic ES-RF31-S503 features a LED front panel that indicates battery levels, with a locking system that allows you to protect your blades by keeping it secure and firm.

It allows a dry and wet shave, being completely waterproof and washable, so its maintenance will be simple and fast.

Its system of four blades is designed to trap all types of hair and eliminate it in a simple way. It lets the holes in its side blades catch the shortest hair, while its two central cutting systems make a fast and smooth cut in the most rebellious and difficult to eradicate hair.

Its lithium ion battery charges quickly, needing only 1 hour connected to its power cable to accumulate enough energy for 65 minutes of continuous use. It has a fast charging system and its design is ergonomic and non-slip.


It combines silver with black with security points that fit easily to the hand and feel solid and secure at all times.

 The price of this Panasonic ES-RF31-S503 fits perfectly to what you get, as it offers great versatility during cutting and a safe device that will not generate irritation during the passes.

5) Panasonic ES-RT37-S503 - Impressive Design and Versatility

From the first pass with this Panasonic ES-RT37-S503 electric razor, you’ll realize the versatility and power you can find in a single device. This is a wireless triple blade razor with blade technology, which has three levels and comes combined with the color silver and blue.

The Panasonic ES-RT37-S503 is a safe device that gives you the ability to perform wet and dry shaving, with three blades that are easily adapted to the skin and glide effectively to perform a professional shave in very little time.

This Panasonic shaver includes an LED indicator for its battery levels and when you can perform dry shaving, you can take it anywhere and keep your appearance always pleasant. Its maintenance is simple, as it is completely washable.

Requires only 1 hour connected to its power cable to get maximum power in its battery. It offers continuous use of 54 min, generating excellent maneuverability and good performance during the cutting process.

The technology in its blades has managed to achieve a combination of performance and stability by combining three elements in its head, providing a powerful and high-end shaver that looks attractive and is ideal for the demanding man. 

The Panasonic ES-RT37-S503 is non-slip and performs effectively under the shower.


The Panasonic ES-RT37-S503 is non-slip and performs effectively under the shower, so you’ll have a device with excellent performance and good construction.

Why Choose Panasonic Shavers?

Panasonic has managed to develop some of the most reliable models in terms of performance and cutting stability between electric shavers.

Its attachment to blade technology has given Panasonic shaver the opportunity to develop a high standard of quality and can be ranked among the most important brands worldwide. This Asian brand offers the best technology applied to their blades, providing a clean and gentle cut with the skin.

The design used in Panasonic’s electric shaver models is very attractive and innovative, incorporating good ergonomics and excellent dynamics both in its head and in its handle.

Its catalogue is made up of a wide variety of devices that adapt easily to the demands of a very diverse public, so you will surely find the one that suits your needs to obtain the best hurry or a finish pleasant to the touch and sight.

The Revolutionary Japanese Shaving Brand

Its name speaks for itself, Panasonic is a brand that has earned the respect of the world market thanks to the impressive quality of its technology applied to the development of high-end devices.

The heads of its most emblematic models can integrate up to 5 blades, which are responsible for smooth and uniform shaving.

Panasonic has managed to position itself as one of the leading manufacturers of electric shavers, for comfort, power, stability and skin care.

State-of-the-art wireless shavers, mobile heads and excellent battery performance are just some of the qualities you get when you buy a Panasonic electric shaver.

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