Best Philips Shavers

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2020)
Best Philips Shavers

Philips shavers stand out in the market thanks to their rugged construction and high-performance materials that provide a professional shave for the most demanding man. 

Its cutting edge technology has evolved to such an extent that it requires no major effort to make an exceptional, smooth and gentle shave.

After analyzing almost all the models, our team have hand picked the best Philips shavers on the market. You can see the power and quality in each of the shaver model our team selected to help you make the right choice.

Best Philips Shavers Comparison

ProductFeatureCurrent Price
Philips 9000 S9511/31Stainless Steel, Power Buttons, Power Control, LED DisplayPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips Series 9000 S9711/32Ergonomic and Non-slip Handle, LED Display, Interchangeable HeadsPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips S9111/31Low Price, Wireless, Aquatec Technology, LED DisplayPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips S9551/63Ergonomic Handle, Stainless Steel, Independent Heads, LED ScreenPRICE AT AMAZON
Philips S7370/41LED Display, Ergonomic, Light Weight, AffordablePRICE AT AMAZON

1) Philips 9000 S9511/31 - Suitable for Professionals

The Philips 9000 S9511/31 is an electric shaver designed specifically for the perfectionist i.e. men looking for a clean, professional and delicate shave. 

It has a system of rotating blades that oscillate independently in order to adapt effectively to the lines of each face.

They are made of stainless steel, which guarantees a long durability of components of the Philips 9000 S9511/31 electric shaver. Its cutting technology catches the most stubborn hairs and ensures a fast shave through fast and precise cuts.

They are placed in a triangular shape to cover as much area of your face, while its body is made of tough plastic materials combined with aluminum. 

Its front panel incorporates power buttons and power control, as well as an LED display where you can view battery levels.

Its colors and lines make it look elegant and resistant, incorporating an adjustable cutting comb that will allow you to carry out the maintenance of your beard in an easy way. 

The Philips 9000 S9511/31 incorporates an intelligent cleaning station, where you can also load your razor quickly.

It is lightweight and the non-slip ergonomics of this shaver will allow you to use it for a dry or wet shave. 

The kit that you will receive after your purchase incorporates a semi-hard travel case, which will protect the blades of your Phillips razor, that is wireless, giving you absolute autonomy.


Its heads can move in 8 different directions, and to get the most power of this machine only requires charging of 1 hour, giving you an autonomy of up to 50 minutes of continuous shaving.

2) Philips Series 9000 S9711/32 - Easy to Use and Accurate

When it comes to performance and quality, the Philips 9000 Series S9711/32 is one of the most recognized wireless electric shavers by subject matter.

It is a powerful razor, offering rotary blade cutting technology, which instantly traps the hairs on your face, leaving a clean and professional finish.

Its handle is ergonomic and non-slip, with an integrated LED display that allows you to view battery levels and power. Its power button is in a simple access just like the level control buttons.

The Philips 9000 Series S9711/32 shaver comes with interchangeable heads, allowing you to choose between the rotating blade head or the trimming head, which will allow you to select the custom length of your beard’s hair. 

Includes a hard travel case, where you can insert your Philips shaver to protect their blades at all times.

For cleaning, only requires water, although you can make use of its intelligent cleaning station, plus with a single button you can charge while their blades are cleaned automatically.  

It is one of Philips’ most interesting and innovative models, incorporating an attractive design and fitting easily into your hand.

It is ideal for shaving with foam or gel, because it is compatible with water and its rounded blades allow easy sliding on your face while the cut is absolute. 

The beard trimmer’s range allows you to select from a length of 0.5mm to 5mm, giving you a wide selection range for you to create a personalised and unique style.

Because it is wireless, they have built in a battery that gives you up to 50 minutes of autonomy. To get the most out of this machine, you only need to charge it for 1 hour and get the most power from its engine.


It is 20% more effective than most competing shavers, so it’s an effective investment that will provide you with a cutting edge technology that lifts your hair to generate the flush cut you need.

So, Series 9000 S9711/32 is one of Philips’ most interesting and technological models, incorporating an attractive design and fitting easily into your hand.

3) Philips S9111/31 Electric Shaver - Spectacular Design

Optimal for any skin type, the Philips S9111/31 features rotary cutting blades that are strategically positioned to tie precisely to the lines of your face.

Each blade moves independently, making an absolute cut of unwanted hair in less time than you can imagine. Its development is specifically designed to deal with the most extreme conditions for a very low price, as its shapes and design, easily adapt to the hand generating a safe and pleasant shaving sensation.

Its technology allows dry shaving, although for best results, it can be used with shaving foam or gel. It’s wireless, so you don’t have to worry about annoying cables preventing you from moving. 

It can be used up to 50 minutes continuously, and only requires 1 hour of charge to reach its maximum performance capacity.

The Philips S9111/31 can be used in the shower, thanks to the Aquatec technology, which is waterproof. Its performance will not be compromised, as it is designed for these conditions. 

It has interchangeable combs, as you can use the custom trimming head to adjust the length of your beard.

An LED display with battery indicators has been installed, allowing you to be aware of the charging capacity of your device. 

The materials that have been used for this razor are hypoallergenic, forever ruling out irritation of your face or unfavorable reactions.


Their power requires a consumption of 90 W and the voltage oscillates between 100 and 240 V. Its cleaning is simple, as it includes an intelligent cleaning station, where you can insert your Philips S9111/31 shaver while automatically charging. 

It includes a travel case, guaranteeing you the protection of your razor at all times.

4) Philips S9551/63 - Best Finish and Handling

With an ergonomic handle, exceptional design and professional performance, the Philips S9551/63 is the luxury electric shaver any man wants in his personal hygiene kit.

The Philips S9551/63 features a rotating blade head that allows precise shaving, adapting independently to the lines and contours of the face. 

They are made of stainless steel, so they do not irritate the skin. These blades have V-track Precision technology, which lifts the hair carefully to provide a fast and painless cut.

This system is 30% more effective than other types of cutting used on conventional machines.

Its independent heads move in 8 different directions, detecting even the most rebellious hair, generating a clean shave and pleasant to the touch and sight. 

Its front panel integrates an LED screen, where you can view battery levels in its 5 different available levels and select the power level.

It includes 3 speeds to get the fastest and most precise cut you want. With just pressing the side buttons, you can see on the LED screen, the level in which you currently are. 

It is non-slip and waterproof, so your shaver will be protected constantly while you use it in the shower.

You can perform dry shaving, although it is advisable to use this electric shaver in combination with shaving foam or gel. Its head is removable, and can only be cleaned with water, although it incorporates an intelligent cleaning station for better results. 

You can use the trimming head, which adjusts in a personalized way to select the size you want in the length of the hair.

It provides an autonomy of up to 50 minutes of continuous shaving without using cable. For maximum performance it needs 1 hour of charge, so it will be ready whenever you have it in your unit load.


Its battery is high performance and is made using lithium ion.  Make use of the travel case to keep it constantly protected, as this way your blades will not be obstructed by any external element. 

The Philips electric shaver is an excellent investment if you are looking for the combination of quality, precision and comfort in your shave. 

5) Philips S7370/41 - Excellent Construction and Grip

Belonging to the high range of Philips shavers, comes this spectacular model, the Philips S7370/41, an electric shaver that works optimally both dry and wet. 

It incorporates a trimmer comb, which amplifies the versatility of this device. It also comes with an LED display that indicates battery levels.

It is aerodynamic, ergonomic and very light, which will allow a fast and effective use during your shave. The Philips S7370/41 employs a rotary cutting system, which traps the most rebellious hairs and eliminates them painlessly. 

Each blade move independently, adjusting to the shape of your face without worrying about rubbing or friction.

Its rounded edges make it a completely enjoyable experience, while its quiet motor adds quality and performance to the shaving process. 

It also Includes a travel case, where you can keep your Philips shaver to protect their blades. It can be shaved wet or dry, as its non-slip handle will allow you to use it in the shower quickly and without risk of falling.

It is easily washed by removing the top cover, using water only for cleaning. If you are looking for a shaver designed for sensitive skin, the Philips S7370/41 is ideal for you, at a fairly affordable price. 

It offers 50 minutes autonomy and is wireless, so you don’t have to worry about the distance to the power outlet. 


It requires only 1 hour of charging to accumulate enough power to work, giving you up to 5 shaving positions thanks to its adjustable trimming head similar to few of the best Braun shavers and Remington electric shavers

Its motor has a power of 5W while its cutting system lifts the hair to remove it gently instantaneously.

Why Philips shavers?

Focused on electric shavers with rotating heads, Philips is a brand that stands for stability and firmness during each pass on the skin. 

The trimming and ripping technology is of very high standards and offers good performance during prolonged use. 

They adapt easily to the user’s requirements, being highly versatile tools capable of providing a shave without injury or irritation. They feel very comfortable in the hand and are an investment that will help you save time and money.

Best Known Brand in the World of Shaving

Philips has earned the recognition of users in the world of electric shavers thanks to its high level of performance and responsiveness in its devices. Philips shavers feel solid and comfortable in the hand, providing professional finishes in just a few passes. 

Philips electric shavers meets the ideal characteristics to please the male user looking for a fast and pleasant shave, with high-end blades and absolute ergonomics for easy handling. Its shaver catalogue is composed of plenty of models that adapt to the needs of every man.

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