Best Shaving Brush

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2020)
Best Shaving Brush

One of the ways to achieve the best wet shave is with the technique and the compendium of appropriate tools, one of them being the brush: That small brush with which foams are applied before shaving in the barbershop.

Many may underestimate the importance of using this tool. However, its effectiveness speaks for itself, surviving decades of evolution in male hair styling and personal care.

If you want to perform the best, fastest and most efficient shave. Having a brush is indispensable for the perfect application of products that will make every haircut a professional experience in your home.

Below, you will find the best shaving brushes on the market that will elevate your daily shave.

Tips for Choosing a Good Shaving Brush

In order to know which brush to buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:


The variety of brushes on the market range from small to long, you have to find one that suits the requirements of each user to have the best results.

Material of the Hair

It can be synthetic or natural. If you want to retain less product the synthetic is a good option, or if you want a more concentrated application the natural is the right one.


You must avoid brushes that barely move and release the hairs, they must be able to preserve their shape after the application of the product.


The designs are infinite of brushes, but it is not necessary to underestimate a good ergonomic grip to facilitate the application and use of the brush.

How Much Money Should I Spend on My Brush?

Brushes are quality accessories that are difficult to question because of their simple structure and function. However, you have to consider when it is too good to be of quality:

Cheaper brushes (less than $20) – Examining the material of the brush, the cheapest ones are usually made of synthetic hair. It should be noted that if these brushes hold the hair badly to the base or if it feels rustic to the touch it will not be a lasting choice.

Best quality brush (more than $20) – In this category come high quality synthetic brushes and natural hair, both with their benefits, but should always coincide in softness and good adhesion to the base.

Best Shaving Brush Review

1. Barber Tools Brush

As one of the key tools in men’s shaving routines, Barber Tools brushes cover the field of foaming with their synthetic hair brushes that do not absorb the amount of product that natural hair, so they wash easily and yield more product.

This is one of the best shaving brush for the money that is soft and with the right shape to adapt to the face distributing the largest amount of product evenly. Check out their availability and price from the link below on Amazon.

2. QShave Brush

For those who prefer the use of a natural hair brush, QShave specializes in creating the softest brushes based on badger hair with greater absorption capacity, ideal for wet shaving with multiple foams and soaps.

Its elegant and resistant design makes it a lasting brush with the highest application quality.

3. LUUK & KLAAS Brush

Another option for those who prefer natural hair brushes are the LUUK & KLAAS brand, which have a great thickness to apply more uniformly to the product.

It adapts easily to each facial surface. Including an easy wash and a good support in its base so as not to detach the hair from the brush as it is used. Check their availability and price at Amazon from the link below.

4. QShave Barber Brush

A handmade shaving brush with unique materials such as QShave’s, toughest of the highest quality to bring a professional application brush within the reach of the everyday user.

Apply any foam or soap without worrying about the performance of the brush, as this is suitable for any product without losing hair, or effectiveness of application.

5. BALLTA Brush

One of the premium brands of natural brushes to be made up of an abundant amount of badger hair held in an ergonomically designed handle with the perfect balance of comfort and weight for easy application.

Generate all the foam needed with each product for the best shaving experience with this fantastic brush. Check availability and price at Amazon.

How to Use a Shaving Brush?

Being one of the most popular accessories in male shaving presents a basic guide for the proper use of the brush:

Moisten the Brush – Immerse the hair of the brush in hot water until it is soaked. 

Remove Excess – With a gentle movement into the air to release excess water.

Apply the Product – Directly onto the brush either soap or shaving foams.

Shake – Brush in circular movements in a container to generate foam. 

Apply – The foam directly on the face with gentle circular movements avoiding applying too much pressure so as not to deform the brush.

Best Brands of Shaving Brushes

If you are looking for information about the best brands do not look more, here you have the best by far:

BALLTA – Brand from Germany specialized in aesthetics and men’s care products that highlight their high quality shaving brushes.

LUUK & KLAAS – A brand that backs the barber artist’s inventory with the brand’s unique quality and durability products.

QShave – With a broad market in men’s shavers, they also offer accessories to complement an excellent shave.

Barber Tools – As the name implies, barber tools range from scissors to brushes and foams to provide the best shaving experience.

How do Shaving Brushes Help Your Beard?

A shaving brush is an indispensable tool for the orderly, uniform and intelligent application of various creamy or liquid shaving products. Reducing shaving time to a few minutes by quickly applying the product of your choice with a brush that makes the most of the product with a uniform application that creates the feeling of professional shaving at home.

They are practical tools and easy to use so every user can become a professional with them and choose the one that best suits their tastes to have the best shaving results.

Advantages of using a shaving brush, what are your strong points?

While it is an optional accessory in the shaving routine it becomes more and more a necessity for today’s man by a number of features.

  • It slides the razor blade better for more fluid cuts.
  • Moisturizes the skin by gently applying soap or foams.
  • Facilitates the application of products on the skin without having to make a mess on the hands 
  • They save the quantity of product to be applied by being able to uniformly yield the quantity of foam or soap on the face.

What Other Shaving Products may Interest you?

Still looking for more? We will help you optimize a shaving routine you can try the following products:

Electric Shavers – The most popular today to remove facial hair in a short time with the technology of the moment.

Classic Shavers – For the old-fashioned veneers remain the basic choice for shaving.

Razors – They require a little more care when using them, but their results are enviable once mastered.

Aftershave – After shaving the skin can be sensitive so it is necessary to apply the product to protect it in the first hours after shaving.

Shaving Cream – To facilitate facial hair removal, razor blades generally slide better onto a product such as shaving creams.

Beard Oils – Keeps the beard manageable and healthy. Excellent for lovers of long beards.

Beard Softeners – Avoid thick steel beards that can make you uncomfortable.

Beard Soap – Special for washing and promoting beard looseness before shaving.

Beard Combs – To tame the rebellious beard and keep a healthy and noticeable beard in sight.

Whisker Wax – Maintains the shape of the various whiskers to last an entire day’s work.

Beard Growth Products – Promotes facial hair growth in cases where the hair follicle is poorly stimulated.

Beard Trimmers – For those who want to keep a short and defined beard this is an ideal tool.

Hair Cutting Machine – In a short time the long hair is reduced to a neat, defined and professional cut.

Beard Shaving Sets – In order to complete the shaving experience for a total and healthy care of the beard.

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