Best Wahl Shavers

(Last Updated On: September 16, 2020)
Best Wahl Shaver

Wahl shavers are recognized worldwide for their high level of durability and excellent performance when performing a professional shave.  High cutting technology and constant power in its engine, is what you find in the best Wahl shavers on the market.

Their designs are attractive and enjoy a robust and resistant construction, which will provide you a razor with durability for years.  Investing in one of these Wahl machines is a sure bet, because you will get good results at an incredible price, accessing one of the best products in the shaving machine industry.

Wahl Shavers Comparison

ProductFeaturesCurrent Price
Wahl Detailer"T" type head, Stainless steel blade, Three cutting combs, 612 g weighsPRICE AT AMAZON
Wahl Finale Lithiumcable length 2.4 meters, Lithium ion batteryPRICE AT AMAZON
Wahl 3615-04703W power motor, LED battery indicatorPRICE AT AMAZON

Wahl Shaver Reviews

1) Wahl Detailer - Classic and Reliable

The Wahl Detailer shaver is a model belonging to the high range of this brand, which has some accessories and special features that offers the best performance and cut during shaving.

It has a “T” type head with a stainless steel blade that makes a clean and uniform cut.  The Wahl Detailer electric shaver with cable, has three cutting combs that allow you to choose between different lengths, as well as a cleaning brush for easy maintenance.

Your blades will remain at their optimum performance thanks to the lubricating oil included in this excellent professional razor Wahl Detailer.  Lengths ranging from 0.4 mm to a maximum of 6 mm can be selected with the help of the combs.

Its head provides a cutting width of 35 mm while its cable of 2.4 meters in length will give you access to good maneuverability.


The Wahl Detailer weighs only 612 g, so it will feel very light in your hand and allow you to develop very comfortable shaving sessions.  Precision and engineering come together in this machine to give you an excellent device that will help you get the best look in your hair.

2) Wahl Finale Lithium - Compact Power

The Wahl Finale Lithium shaver is a compact, powerful and safe device that will give you the ability to perform shaving anywhere, being easy to move and very discreet. It has a cable length of 2.4 meters, while its cutting width is 43 mm, covering large areas during passes.

Its technology of cutting to edge allows you to obtain a clean shave to the dry, giving the possibility of generating a cut of up to 0.1 millimeters of length. The Wahl Finale Lithium includes a lubricating oil for the blades, which is advisable to place on the surface of its head before the passes.

This high-end Wahl Finale Lithium electric razor has 5 stars from its manufacturer, which ensures the user access to a device of high durability and impressive performance.

wahl electric shaver incorporates a lithium ion battery, which makes it look compact and very easy to store in your luggage when traveling. It weighs only 440 g and its design is robust and masculine, with a solid chassis that protects the internal components of your electric razor.


If you are looking for a sharp and uniform length, this Wahl Finale Lithium shaver for men is the possibility to access continuous shave of 80 minutes without cable or you can use the connected power cable. It only requires two hours of charging and its cut is constant and safe, avoiding irritation of sensitive skin.

3) Wahl 3615-0470 - Imposing Elegance

The Wahl 3615-0470 men’s razor has a spectacular design designed for the most demanding user. It is compact and has some additional accessories that will allow you to take it anywhere discreetly resulting in power and very effective shave during each pass.

The Wahl brand has incorporated some features that make this device a good choice when it comes to finding the best shave. The Wahl 3615-0470 offers up to 45 hours of continuous use and works with a 3W power motor.

Wahl electric shaver that works with blade technology, with an LED battery indicator and a multifunctional LCD screen. It feels nice in the hand, and can be used with or without cable, providing good performance and excellent maneuverability during the passes.

In the box of this Wahl 3615-0470 shaver you will find some accessories that will help you maintain the excellent performance of this device, such as a cleaning brush, power cord, protective cover and travel case.


It is a firm and discreet tool that generates a high quality hurry at all times. It is indispensable for that traveller who takes his razor everywhere, looking for the best and a clean cut. The electric shaver Wahl 3615-0470 is reliable and will leave your skin soft and without irritation.

Why Choose Wahl Shavers?

Wahl shavers are internationally recognized for their excellent performance and stability during cutting. Their high standard of construction makes these devices used by professionals and experts in the world of hair cutting and personal care.

They are strong, robust and high performance devices, which are prepared to provide the best cut and a pleasant feeling after each pass. You can see the details in their construction and the materials used to make the blades of the Wahl shavers.

Wahl brand shavers have as their main priority to provide good ergonomics and grip for safe and pleasant shaving, with blades that protect the skin and do not generate irritation at any time. You’ll find a range of models designed for all types of users, from compact wireless shavers to classic wired shavers.

Wahl shavers are constructed to produce fast and effective results in no time at all. It is a brand that has more than 100 years in the market, with a great track record recognized by the evolution of their devices and the excellent technology applied to hair cutting, body hair and beard care.

Wahl has a presence in more than 165 countries, placing its products in all corners of the world to demonstrate that they are one of the most avant-garde and stable brands in the world of electric shavers.

The Brand Retains Excellence of Cable Shavers

Although many prefer the portability that a wireless razor can provide, Wahl has remained consistent in its vision of providing high quality wired razors. Many of them are well equipped with long cables that allow absolute freedom to the user, eliminating the schemes and myths associated with maneuverability and control.

It is known that the brand has a philosophy applied to the design of its devices deeply rooted in the classic with a touch of modernity, so you will find a large number of devices in its catalog that offer the best performance through cable technology.

Using Wahl corded electric razors will forever eliminate the headache of having to exchange batteries or not having enough charge on your razor at an important time. Just plug it into the power outlet and you have a powerful and stable razor that will ensure good performance and the best appearance at all times.

They are ideal tools to accompany professional stylists around the world, as their power and cutting uniformity provide immediate results without hurting the skin. Durability and comfort are two characteristics generally associated with Wahl electric shavers.

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