Shaving Head: Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker?

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2020)
Does Shaving Make Hair Thicker

One of the questions that usually get asked about hair is does shaving make hair thicker? Does shaving affects hair growth or shape, or if the technique with which it is cut affects how your hair will look.

That’s why in this post, we will explain to you not only if shaving your head is good for your hair, but we will also give you information and tips related to hair growth and the effect of shaving your head.

Is it a Myth? Or Does Shaving Make Hair Grow Thicker

Well, there’s really no specific answer to the question: does shaving make hair grow back thicker, as it depends on what state you’re in:

  • Your hair follicles are totally healthy and strong
  • Your hair follicles are atrophied. You can tell if you have diseases like androgenic alopecia

Your Hair Follicles are Healthy

If you don’t suffer from any type of syndrome associated with your hair then you can say that you have healthy hair follicles. 

In this case everything will happen naturally; when you perform the act of cutting your hair or shaving your head, the body considers it as mutilation, and, similar to what happens in any other mutilation, the hair will tend to regenerate.

Similar to when you cut yourself and the blood flows and forms a more compact tissue (scar), or when you take out a tooth and that hole gradually becomes compact bone.

Then, what happens to your hair when you shave your head is that the body reacts, regenerating the hair with a greater amount of keratin and structural proteins that will give it greater shape and strength.

The same thing happens when you shave your beard, leg hair or any other area. You will notice how your hair comes out thicker and harder than before.

Although it has been proven that after a long time hair returns to its original state, this time tends to be much longer than it takes to cut it again. So, the effect of shaving your head will really work.

If you have Androgenic Alopecia

While the effect of shaving your head is good for cases where the hair follicle are totally healthy, the opposite is true for people who have a hair loss condition or a baldness disorder.

In this case, the hair follicle can be so damaged or weakened that the result of progressive shaving can be counterproductive, only recharging the follicle, causing it to eventually die and no longer generate hair.

The reason: Conditions in the kerato-regulatory function, or keratin production, which is impaired by DHT, or dihydrotestosterone, which inhibits normal hair growth.

How Long Does it Take for Hair to Grow Back

Although it is difficult to know how long will it take for hair to grow back and to control the consequences of shaving your head, since it is possible to have some kind of pathology and barely notice it, the reality is that you will always have shave to get the look you want.

This is why, the best thing you can do without a doubt is to put into practice the three recommendations we bring to you:

  • Always have a good diet
  • Try using hairstyles where you need chemicals
  • Take as many natural supplements as possible that can enhance the natural growth of your hair

What Foods Should We Eat to Keep Our Hair Healthy?

One of the things you should consider, both before, during and after shaving your head, is eating a diet that will help keep your scalp healthy, as well as your follicles, regardless of their condition.

The following foods will help you to have a healthy hair growth after shaving your head.

Although you should eat these foods before shaving your head, the recommendation is that once you shave, make sure you continue to include them in your daily diet so you can keep your body in a state where nutrients are available in sufficient quantities for your scalp.

So, among the essential foods to encourage healthy hair growth are as follows:

Protein-Rich Foods

Hair is composed of structural proteins and keratin, which need the necessary amino acids to both form and grow.

Foods such as cheese, eggs, fish, meat or grains, as well as a good balance between these, will help you obtain the sufficient and varied amount of amino acids that you will need to have healthy hair when shaving your head.

Omega 3 and Essential Fatty Acids

One of your hair’s best friends when it comes to promoting hair growth is achieving a good balance of Omega 3 in your nutrition.

Omega 3 can be obtained from different kinds of fish, or if you wish, you can use a supplement.

Minerals such as Zinc and Iron

Many times we don’t get this information and belief is generated that with protein and omega 3 it will be enough to help the scalp produce strong hair. 

But the truth is that, as with any structure that requires healing or growth (such as hair or bones), minerals are required.

So you need to find a way to get the necessary daily amounts of zinc and iron in your diet.

Eat foods like egg whites, spinach, lean meats, chicken, and soybeans and supplement them to make sure your body has the nutrients it needs.


Don’t forget this element, water is the circulating factor and the vehicle for most of the body’s processes. If you want the nutrients to reach your scalp quickly, make sure you drink daily 8 glasses of water well distributed.

Other Things To Consider

And finally, use natural elements for your hair and scalp. Daily brushing, as well as the consumption of vitamin C and combining olive oil in your shampoos or conditioners will give your hair more vigor as well as increase the production of collagen from the roots.

How to Shave Your Head so that it Grows Fast?

This is another aspect that is usually left out when shaving your head, and it is without a doubt how you do it, or how your barber does it, will determine the force that your follicles and scalp will have to undergo.

The Razor: When to Use it & Is It Good for your Hair to Grow?

If you want to keep your hair healthy by shaving your head, it’s best to use an electric razor only when you are aware that you have no problems with your scalp, since the stress you put on your follicles can be quite severe.

In cases of scalp problems, or follicle problems, it is always recommended to use the machine only on the sides and back of the head, because that is where the hair is always extremely strong.

Note: We highly recommend you to select one of the best head shavers or an electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Always Use the Scissors if you have Hair Loss Problems

The gold recommendation for cases of hair loss is to shave with scissors. Although it won’t be the best and most precise way, your hair will thank you for it because you will achieve a minimum stress on your scalp when shaving your head.

We hope after reading this guide if someone ask you: does hair grow back thicker after shaving? Or does shaving make your hair grow faster? You will definitely be able to guide them properly.

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