Tips to Achieve a Perfect Shave

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2020)
Tips for a perfect shave

Today men can look masculine by resorting to multiple styles. According to industry data, 20% of men continue to use a close shave; 25% choose to grow a beard; and 30% have a straightforward face care routine.

It’s no secret: Shaving can sometimes be painful and uncomfortable – a necessary routine for thousands of men.

How can this be done without suffering and pain? Here are some tips:

How to Get the Perfect Shave

1) Your Beard Must be Wet

One of the keys to a great, close shave without irritation or cuts is a wet beard. Why? Facial hair absorbs up to 30% of its volume in water. And water-filled hair becomes weaker and therefore easier to cut. 

A good idea might be to take a shower before shaving, to ensure the necessary hydration. If you can’t, wash your face thoroughly, for several minutes, or simply put warm water on a small towel and apply it to your face. 

Never use cold water or apply products to your face before wetting it.

2) Use a Good Shaving Cream

Look for a product that has a high concentration of lubricants, such as silicones and moisturizers. The best shaving creams create a smooth gel on the face. Those that are not so good create a lather. 

Less foam is better because it has less contact with the skin. A gel will make the blade glide through the razor more smoothly, with less friction and less wear and tear.

3) Use Brush to Apply the Cream

Barbers use it and they have a good argument: Using brush to apply shaving cream helps to lift the hair, so that the razor gets closer to the skin. It also creates a layer of lubricant with the shaving gel that helps prevent irritation. 

And finally, it helps exfoliate (remove dead skin cells). If you don’t have a brush, look for one that has a good balance between softness and strength.

Note: Apply the cream using a brush in a circular motion, always ending upwards.

4) Use a Good Razor or Change the Blades Periodically

It doesn’t matter if you have a manual or electronic shaver, there are things that are common. 

Investing in a good item is a good idea and your skin will thank you for it. That’s why, you should always take care that the blades are in optimum condition to avoid damaging your skin.

If you use manual shavers, depending on the hardness of your beard, change them every 5 to 8 shaves. Always, before starting to cut your hair, make sure that they are in good condition, are sharp and have no nicks in the metal.

Also, if you want to extend the life of your razor, always wash it after use and dry it by shaking it. Remember to never use a towel. Then simply store it away from dust, sun and moisture.

If you have chosen an electric razor, remember to wash it and remove any moisture after each use. The new ones allow you to use them during the shower, which makes your cleaning process much simpler.

5) The Most Common Mistake: It's Not the Same as Shaving

Shaving experts agree that the best way to achieve a perfect shave is by shaving in the direction of hair growth. Always start at the sides, then worry about the mustache, and only at the end, move on to the chin. 

The “chin” has the hardest beard and, therefore, if you leave it for later, you make sure it absorbs an optimal amount of water and is moisturized for a longer period of time with the cream.

If, on the other hand, you are one of those who prefer to shave against the direction of hair growth, you can effectively get a closer cut. 

However, you run the risk of cutting yourself more easily, or even pulling out the hair and ending up with a space with no growth.

Always let these devices do the job. Don’t push too hard. If you have followed the steps we gave you, i.e. you have wet the hair well, used a good cream with a brush and your razor is in good condition, a simple stroke should be enough.

6) If you Like it Even Better

There are people who won’t settle for a regular shave. They want their hair to be unseen. For this reason, a good option is to go over areas in the same shave. 

If you are going to do this – know that you at the risk of irritating your skin – remember to reapply cream and let it settle before passing the razor.

7) Shaving Doesn't End When the Hair Removes

After shaving, a man’s skin becomes very vulnerable. Therefore, it is time to rinse it very carefully and apply a cleansing gel that has some antiseptic ingredients (such as tea tree) and that is astringent, to help close the pores opened during the shaving process.

When you are done, rinse again with very cold water and dry yourself by patting with a soft towel – do not rub the towel! Just give gentle touches to dry.

8) Apply After Shave

Shaving can remove one or two layers of skin. Yes… of the skin. And this is a traumatic process for the most sensitive skin. So it’s very important to moisturize it after you’re done shaving. An aftershave that has moisturizing ingredients is a very good choice.

Make sure you use one that is made for men – they are less greasy, absorb faster, and have a matte finish, meaning they don’t leave your face shiny. 

In general, moisturizers designed for men are too oily for men who typically have thicker, greasier skin. In addition, good after shave products include refreshing products that give the sensation of freshness to irritated skin.

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