Shaver Types

There are many different types of shaving machines whether you need for shaving your head, beard or any other part of the body. 

Our team of experts have tested all the shavers available in the market of almost all brands, compared and reviewed them based on their features, specifications, practicality and more to help you make the right choice when selecting one for you needs.

Body Groomer 

When you need a powerful razor with conditioned blades to be able to cut hair from areas such as the abdomen and chest, our team have hand picked and rated best ones available today. These groomers offer good ergonomics and adaptability to sensitive areas of your body.

Electric Shaver 

These are the shavers that works with an electric charge. Some are designed to operate wirelessly and provide good autonomy others makes use of wire. 

Electric shavers make you completely forget the headaches associated with manual one’s because these are very useful for making cuts of almost all kinds.

Beard Trimmer

They usually have movable heads and curves to adapt to the lines of your face. You will be able to find blades and rotary one in this category. 

These trimmers have hypoallergenic materials that reduce the chances of suffering irritation after each pass of the head on sensitive skin. 

Head Shavers 

These shavers integrate multiple interchangeable heads so you can have access to different styles. 

They are usually corded shavers for protracted, uninterrupted use. Their different cutting lengths make them very versatile shavers.

Pubic Hair Trimmer  

The genital area requires precision, subtlety and good adaptability on the part of a razor.  

These trimmers are usually of discrete sizes and reduced to reach these spaces so uncomfortable to trim, shave or depilate. These trimmers are hypoallergenic and protect the skin in an exceptional way. 

Nose Hair Trimmer 

These trimmers integrate a small and delicate head that allows access to difficult and delicate areas such as the nose and ears. 

These trimmers trap the hair and cut it in a painless and very soft way, reducing the discomfort and immediately eliminating the unpleasant hair that grows in areas difficult to reach. 

Cable Shavers 

The reliability and durability of cable shavers is much more relevant in this type of shavers.  

These shavers have cables of considerable length to provide freedom of movement during cutting so you can get the perfect shave without worrying about the battery. 

Electric Razor 

Some manufacturers decide to reduce some costs in the construction of different types of shavers. 

Accessing a cheap razor can generate variable results, as you will need to consider the construction material of its blades, handle, battery life and the quality of the power cord.

Rotary Shaver  

Its cutting blades are arranged in such a way that they rotate circularly to remove and trim the hair in a painless and soft way. 

These shavers adapt easily to the face and cover a much wider area while you perform your shaving session. 

Electric Shaver for Sensitive Skin 

These shavers prevents irritation after multiple passes.  They are designed with rounded tips and smooth edges to ensure a very comfortable shaving experience.  

They are usually made with stainless steel blades to avoid allergies or reactions. 

Rechargeable Razor 

Simply connect them to their power cord during the charging time set by the rechargeable razor model and you’ll regain the power of your device. 

You won’t have to worry about replacing batteries from time to time, as they are long-lasting and generate good performance.

Travel Shaver  

They are compact shavers that you can easily carry in your luggage without taking up too much space. 

These shavers have safety devices that lock the blades to prevent accidents or accidentally ignite inside your suitcase or backpack. They are also usually small  in size and very resistant.

Cordless Shaver 

Get the freedom you need by not having to be limited by a cable. 

These shavers have a charge time in their battery and you can take them anywhere. Power is not compromised in these wireless shavers, which are designed for convenience and technology lovers.

Multifunction Shavers 

Just by swapping the heads you will have access to multiple functions with these shavers. 

You can cut hair, shave body hair, shave and cut nose and ear hair all in one. 

They’re often very popular because they’re an excellent investment to have everything in one device.

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